About us

Engineering company
The company “UGLEPROM” is one of the leaders of the Ukrainian market of mechanical engineering, engineering and industrial construction.

For more than twenty years, our team has been performing non-standard technical tasks for the manufacture, installation, modernization and adjustment of production lines.

Our clients are companies:

  • pulp and paper industry,
  • engineering industry,
  • the cement industry,
  • metallurgy, mining and metallurgical complex
  • timber industry,
  • other industries.

Our work in facts
The basis for efficiency and successful work in mechanical engineering and engineering is professionalism and an integrated approach to the tasks set by the Customer.

UGLEPROM has several divisions that deal with separate stages of order fulfillment.

Escort of the client begins with the estimate and contract department and the design office of the company. At this stage, all budget issues and legal nuances are agreed upon.

An in-house staff of experienced engineers and materials scientists develops specific details of the technical solution. Experience shows that it is not possible to use the same projects in several orders. Specialists of PTC UGLEPROM use the entire stock of practical experience, experience and knowledge to implement the client’s requirements.

  • Department of stock preparation: vertical, horizontal and sorting pulpers; mass cleaners such as ОМ-02, ОМ-03, SV-02, installations of vortex conical cleaners, sieves, spare cones for cleaners, mixers for pools, disintegrators, spare units and parts for defibrators, gate valves with a through-gate.
  • Headboxes and grid table with top grid, extension and modernization of the grid part, and spare parts. Chest shafts, net-rotating, net-guiding, without and with a coating, at a speed of up to 1200 m / min. Mesh correctors, mesh tensioners and impulse devices. Forming, hydro-strip and suction boxes of all types with dewatering elements.
  • Press parts of various types, two-, three-shaft, combined and its units, felts conditioning systems.
  • Units and assemblies of the drying section: felt and paper shafts, straightening, tensioning, steam heads and separately sealing rings.
  • The hoods of the drying section are open, closed, complete with electrical equipment, heat recovery units (calculation, design, delivery, installation).
  • Speed ​​drying hoods, steam heads, creping and scraper scrapers with retractable sprays for Yankee cylinders.
  • Glue presses, rolls or separate units: calender shafts, bearing unit housings, stands, tambour shafts, shafts of slitting machines.
  • Finishing and printing equipment (sheet-cutting machines, cardboard cutting machines, punching machines, etc.).
  • Hydraulic equipment of any complexity.
  • Non-standard equipment for all industries.

The following main factors are taken into account:

  • deadlines for the task,
  • industrial safety standards,
  • compatibility with other equipment, the need for related construction and installation work.
  • metalworking (turning, carousel, milling, drilling, grinding, etc.),
    welding of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
  • applying protective coatings on equipment parts,
  • work on the dynamic balancing of shafts of various diameters and purposes.
    The production employs experienced engineers, milling operators, turners, grinders, highly qualified locksmiths. The Tekhobshemash enterprise specializes in the implementation of engineering, construction and installation works, design, construction of environmentally friendly and comfortable wooden houses.

At the facility, we carry out the whole range of construction and finishing works and installation of communications. The PTC UGLEPROM also includes other construction and assembly divisions.

Thanks to the clear actions of the entire team, which includes employees of dozens of specialties, we carry out the most complex engineering tasks backed by scientific research. Our esteemed customers will not need to involve other companies to perform additional work (design, installation, installation of utilities, etc.).

Key areas of work
LLC UGLEPROM is a group of enterprises that work in related fields, implement complex, labor- and science-intensive projects.

In addition to equipment for the paper industry, we offer a whole range of services for engineers and builders.

Production line maintenance
The main principle of our team’s work is to ensure quality and constantly be in contact with the customer. We undertake warranty obligations for all equipment. Details and conditions are written in contracts.

Our specialists also carry out the necessary scheduled maintenance of machines, industrial communications and premises.

At the request of the client, we will offer measures for re-equipment of production, replacement of equipment. This also applies to replacing materials with more durable and modern ones.

Expected results – longer equipment life, cheaper and easier maintenance