Impeller/agitators and disintegrators of couch chest

The couch chest is designed for continuous agitation of a pulp with water ,for slushing breaks paper web  and edge tail cuts received from the wire section of the paper machine. The couch chest is usually installed under the suction couch roll at the beginning of the press section. The couch chest capacity depends on a headbox pondside , wire width, operating speed of PM  and type of paper produced.

The agitation device is installed in a welded stainless steel vat.

The sealing unit is sealed on both sides with a sealing cord. The perforated plate is installed in the lower part of the vat (in the drain part).

The main units of the couch chest are:

  • Vat
  • Bearing housings
  • Sealing
  • Drive unit
  • Drain part with perforated plate.
  • Roll with pulp beating blades.

All parts of the equipment that contacting with the pulp are made of stainless steel.