Broke pulper

The horizontal  broke pulper is designed for the deflaking of wet and dry broke of paper and board machines. The horizontal  broke pulper consists of a pulper vat and horizontally arranged deflaking units with drive.

Pulpers are supplied according to the width of the paper and of capacity of the paper machine. The new rounded shape of the pulper vat increases the efficiency of the deflaking process. A deflector is placed above the rotor prevents the splashing pulp. For easy service of the  pulper parts  it is  equipped by a hatch. Additionally the pulper is equipped with a shower spout to guide the path of paper broke.

The main units of the dry broke pulper are:

  • Welded pulper vat with a hatch.
  • Rotor and screen plate.
  • Drain chamber.
  • Bearing housing.
  • Belt drive.

All parts of the equipment that contacting with the pulp are made of stainless steel.