Fibersorter, secondary pulper,turboseparator GRS-80, GRS-200

The fibersorters are designed for further coarse screening of waste paper that has gone through the primary pulper.
The fibersorter consists of a vat, a rotor, a drive, pipe connectors for feeding and accepted out of the pulp, pipe connectors for rejecting of light and heavy waste.
The fibersorter vat is a welded construction with hinged cover. A junk trap is installed at the bottom of the vat. The body of the vat is rigidly connected to the accepted chamber .
The rotor is cantilevered on the roll. A screen plate is installed between the rotor and the accepted chamber .
The rotor is driven by a V-belt pulley.
The pulp enters to the vat through a tangential branch pipe under pressure where is takin place an intense hydrodynamic effect on the pulp. The result is a further deflaking process (of petals, bundles and fibers that were not separated in a conventional first stage pulper. The accepted pulp, passing through the screen plate, enters the accepted chamber and then is moving out under the influence of residual pressure.
Light reject are removed through a pipe connector which is located in the top of the vat .
Heavy reject enter to the junk trap and are removed from it through the rotary valve.

Technical Data

Productivity, t / day80200
Vat capacity, m30,51
Consistency 2,%2,5-5,02,5-5,0
Screen holes diameter, mm3,4; 5,63,4; 5,6
rotation frequency, min-1
Consumption of fresh water supplied to the rotor seal, m3/hour, no more0,50,5
Electric motor power, kW75132
Weight (with electric drive and spare parts), kg40005700