Modernization of Vertical Pulper (GRV)

Most existing vertical pulper can be modernized quite easily.

Reasons for modernizing vertical pulper can be:

• pulping of unsorted waste paper to get more available pulp;

• increasing the capacity of the existing pulper;

• cost reduction compared to purchasing a new pulper;

• reduction in operating costs.

The proposed modernization is including the production of  the new units for existing pulper.

The updating of the pulper includes the manufacture of:
• Specially designed rotor is made of corrosion-resistant steel. Hardened blades are made of steel 40X13 (HRC 50) which installed on the basic cutting edge blades of the rotor for increasing their service life. This solution is allow to replacement of cutting blades without changing the rotor.
• Flat screen plate instead of existing conical ones (hole diameter – at the Customer’s choice (8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24 mm)). The screen plate are made of corrosion-resistant steel with subsequent hardening to HRC 50. When one side is worn out , screen plate is turned over to the other side for further operation, which increases the lifespan of the screen plate up to several times.
• The inlet chamber with an accept pipe is made of corrosion-resistant steel and is installed in the existing pulper vat.
• Gate chamber for removing heavy rejects (sand, stones, etc.) is eqquiped with the two pneumatic valves which is made of st.steel. The gate chamber is part of a pulper vat. Installation of a gate chamber allows to reject of heavy waste without stopping the pulper.
• Crash bars are installed on the pulper vat.
The updated pulper uses the same bearing unit as the non-updated one. The updated pulper is for consistency from 3% to 9%. The pulping time of unsorted waste paper is reduced three to four times. Accordingly, capacity increases, energy consumption for pulp production decreases, and it makes possibilities to store a larger amount of pulp with a high consistency in the same volume.
Electric motors for each type of pulper are selected individually.