Belt-chain, belt, plate Conveyors

Conveyors are made for feeding waste paper into the pulper vat, transporting waste and for other purposes.

Belt conveyors are manufactured in two versions: with belt fastening on a haulage chain and with transmission of motion by drums.

The delivery set includes a frame, a stretching station, a drive station, supports, a conveyor belt.

The overtime clutch is installed in the drive.

Main technical characteristics:

  1. Ability to withstand bales up to 750 kg (up to 500 kg per lineal meter).
  2. The maximum angle of inclination of the conveyor belt is 30˚.
  3. Belt speed up to 12 m / min.
  4. The width of the belt is up to 1400 mm., the working width of the belt conveyor is 1300 mm.
  5. The working width of the plate conveyor – 1600 mm.
  6. Electric motor complete with frequency control system of rotation speed.

The conveyor is designed depending on the technical inquiry.