Battery low density conical cleaners

The low-density conical cleaners are designed for a higly efficient fine separation of specifically coarse ,stiky, pitch,sand  and other impurities in waste paper processing line and in PM approach flow system. The battery of LD cleaners  consist of three stages of conical cleaners. The number of cones in each stage according to the calculation provides the cleaning of waste paper and pulp consisting of cellulose and wood pulp from sand, bark particles and other mineral and metal impurities up to 3 mm  with consistency  of 5 to 15 g / l.

Each stage of the cleaners has: a  inlet body-head, working body-cone, separating body, separating pipeline of input, output, reject . After each stage of cleaning  a pulp is pumped to the next stage of cleaning (previously diluted to a concentration of 5-10 g / l). The third stage of the cleaners has a sludge pan.

Each cone of the cleaner can be disconnected autonomously by ball valves. The cones of the cleaners are made of wear-resistant polyurethane.


  • Stock productivity, t / day: 25; 50; 80; 120; 300.
  • Cleaning efficiency: 70-80%
  • Stock pressure at the inlet: 2.8-3.2 kg / cm3
  • Screened stock pressure at the outlet: 0.2-0.3 kg / cm3
  • Total losses: 0.1-0.25%
  • Optimal throughput  one cone: 400 l / min.