Agitators for damp chest

The agitating unit is including a horizontally located impeller which is designed for mixing a fiber suspension with a concentration up to 5%. In addition, the device allows to mix the fillers, adhesives, dyes. The agitator keeps the water suspension in the chest in motion and maintains its uniform concentration. They are used for pulp chest from 60 to 150 m3.

Scope of supply:
• Roll with bearing supports assembled with blades (the roll is made of alloy steel, the bearing units are cast iron, the blades are cast iron bronze or steel). Impeller diameter 750, 950 mm.
• Motor support made of carbon steel
• Driving pulleys equipped by quick-release sleeves and V-belts.
• Casing for protection.
• Stainless steel roll seal assembly.
• Stainless steel tank welding unit.
• Electric motor.