Dryer-hood for paper and board machines

Dryer-hoods are used for  removing  of the  air-vapour mixture from the drying section,  improving  of the paper web drying process, reducing of heat energy consumption  , preventing the spread of hot-humid air in the hall of PM  and passing of the air-vapour mixture to  recuperation system.

Scope of supply:

• dryer-hood cover: made of carbon steel covered with a special protective layer or stainless steel

• a set of shields: ceiling, front, stationary face side, stationary drive side, lifting with sight windows of the face side ,sliding drive and face sides;

• mechanism for lifting shields on the face side ;

• walkways for service of the shield lifting mechanism;

• ceiling with flaps  to  control the amount of removing  air-vapour mixture from the face and drive sides to provide dryness of the paper web across the width of the machine;

• control  valves  , the number and dimensions of which are calculated depending on the required air exchange;

• electrical equipment complete with control equipment for lifting mechanisms and low-voltage lighting of the drying section under the hood.

Design features:

• An individual project, taking into account the structure of the building where the machine and ventilation systems are located with the technical calculations.

• Manufacturing of the dryer-hood cover in various designs using rolled steel or rectangular pipes.

• Coating of steel frames with corrosion and temperature resistant enamel.

• Shields  thickness  are 40 up to 80 mm, taking into account thermal conductivity and the use of basalt non-combustible insulation with almost zero hygroscopicity.

• Full tightness of shell plating due to the use of special silicone seals and increased tightness of moving parts.

• Special winch for lifting shields with smooth start-up and braking, with control of the lifting height of the shield taking into account the speed of the winch drum.

• Fast assembly and disassembly of the dryer-hood due to the use of original shell plating fasteners.