The headbox with deflocculating rollers is used for the production of a various grades of paper with different square meter weights. The boxes are adapted to work with different throughput capacity and consistency of paper pulp. The headbox provides a uniform flow of paper pulp onto the wire of the paper machine.

Headbox Open type

The paper machine headbox consists of a bottom part equipped with apron lip, a header with a perforated plate and the movement front wall devices (in a horizontal and vertical position to deliver precise amount of paper pulp to be flowed onto the wire with actuators and exact adjustment of the slice lip, perforated rollers with a drive, showers and defoamers. The cross machine header is equipped with turn back mechanism which is driven by a pneumatic or electric motor.
The hatches, platforms and ladders are provided to service the headbox.
All internal surfaces of the headbox are made of corrosion-resistant steel, high purity and polished. The headbox is made of stainless steel.
The paper pulp flowing onto the headbox is distributed by a header across the width of the machine, passes through the holes of the perforated plate and then is stabilized by rotating perforated rollers. The slice provides the paper pulp flow with a smooth acceleration to the speed of the machine. The operating mode of the headbox and its components is provided by the Control system of the technological parameters of the mechanisms connected to the Automated Process Control System (APCS).
The headboxes are made for paper machines with reel widths from 1680 up to 4200 mm.

Headbox TypeTrim width of web, mmGrammageMachine speed, m/minFlow rate, m3 / s
Headbox Closed type