Wet-end tail cutter and threading trims

The wet-end tail cutter and threading trims are installed to create a threading strip in the wire section of the paper machine and for fast trimming the paper web in case of a break.
They are designed for use in automatic paper web threading systems. An operator can place the trim in any position to achieve of the desired web width. During operation of PM the trim located at the drive side and moves by means of a gearmotor and drive belt. The movement speed is set by an operator from the control panel.
The trim position is determined by 6 limit switches: 4 working positions, 2 for precise trim location and deceleration. The threading trim process can be done in manual mode when the electromagnetic clutch is disconnected.

The wet-end tail cutter is trimming the edges of the formed paper web to the required size (width). By two nozzles are installed on the face and the drive side. The wet-end tail cutters are installed as standalone system or on the threading trim beam as agreed with a Customer. Distance between nozzles and wire: 40..80 mm. Each nozzle can be rotated 45 ° in any direction. The water supply is set by a control panel.
The cutters and trims are supplied together with the control panel.
Material: corrosion-resistant steel.


  • Threading trim nozzle diameter – 0,8 mm
  • Диаметр ножа кромочного – 0,8 mm
  • Water consumption of edge trim at 1.0 MPa (10 atm.) – 0,6 l/min
  • Speed of threading trim – to 54 m/min
  • Drive power – 0,75 kW
  • Working pressure of water – 1,0 MPa