The sizing press is designed for surface sizing of paper and cardboard and is part of paper and board machines.
The press consists of two press rolls installed at an angle to the horizontal axis, a roll clamping mechanism, glue supply collectors, trays for collecting flushing water, a cone for collecting and returning to recirculation of excess glue, a drive.

The glue(chemical) is sizing to the paper web when it passes through the glue bath which is formed by the roller surfaces. Impregnation of the web by glue occurs in a press gap due to static and hydrodynamic pressure. Excess glue is removed for recirculation through overflow cones along the roll ends. The height of the glue’level is adjusted manually by dampers at the inlet to the collectors. Multilevel height across the width of the press is manually adjusted by valves on the collector nozzles.
Linear pressure between the rolls is generated by the roll clamping mechanism, which consists of a system of levers and an actuating unit. The actuating unit can be as a pneumatic or hydraulic drive. The hydraulic unit is included the hydraulic station. The shells of the press rolls are covered with rubber or synthetic resin coatings, the shells and core shaft are made of ductile iron, the journals are made of carbon steel. The drives of the both rolls are adjustable. Frames and levers are welded carbon steel. The lubrication of bearings of the press rolls can be centralized for liquid lubrication or manual lubrication for consistent grease depending on the customer’s requirements. Collectors, trays and overflow cones are made of stainless steel.