Press section including Combi-press and Jumbo press

The main purpose of the press section is to dewater of the paper web, providing the required quality characteristics of the product. A pressing process  increases the dryness, strength and density of the paper web. Pressing plays an important role in the production of multi-layer paper and board. The efficiency of the press section determines the cost of drying the paper and the productivity of PM. In order to reduce the consumption of steam for drying, the papemakers strive to obtain the maximum possible dryness after the press section.

The company “Ugleprom” produces a press section of PM, which consists of two types of presses. One is the Combi-press and another is the extended nip press of the JUMBO type.
Combi-press (three-rolls) consists of a pick-up roll Ø750 mm which is simultaneously a press roll, a central smooth press roll Ø700mm and rubberized roll Ø710 mm with a “blind” perforation that provides the removal of the web from the wire section and continuous threading of the web through two press nip.
The Jumbo press is designed as a twin-roll press with a hydraulic upper press roll. The rolls have a rubber coating with a “blind” perforation.
Linear pressures in press nip:

  • 1st nip – 70 kN / m.
  • 2nd nip – 90 kN / m.
  • 3rd nip – 250 kN / m.

The design of the press section provides continuous production of dry paper web with a density of 125 g / m² up to 45%  at the exit from the press section at speed up to 600 m / min.

The trimmed web width is 2520-4200mm.

Also, the press section can be configured with a pick-up suction roll and two pcs.of the JUMBO press.