Wire and felt guiding system

Wire and felt guiding systems are designed to maintain the position of the fabrics symmetrically to the machine axis in the wire, press and drying sections of paper and board machines with reel widths up to 6720 mm and a speed of up to 1000m / min.
The guides are made in standard designs. This mechanism is responsible for correct movement of the guiding roll to the left or right is focusing on the middle position. Usually the guides are made together with doctor blade holder.
There are 3 types of guides: manual, automatic and combined. Bracket diameter up to 220 mm.
The manual guides move the necessary roll due to the screw mechanism driven by the flywheel. The stroke is ± 100 mm. They are installed on the face side of the machine. The guiding system consists of the frame , bracket, screw mechanism, gearbox with a mechanical gear transmission and flywheel.
The automatic guides move the guiding roll due to the rubber-cord pneumatic cylinders. The stroke is ± 50 mm. The guides mechanism works automatically when the air pressure in the cylinders changes, which is regulated by the wire position sensor. The guiding system consists of a frame, bracket, pneumatic cylinders, guide plate.

combined wire guiding system
combined wire guiding system
automatic wire guiding system
automatic wire guiding system

The combined guides move the guiding roll both in manual and automatic modes. With manual control (from the flywheel) and the automatic guide moves together with the guiding roll. The automatic and manual guides are combined in one unit and installed on the front side of the machine. It provides better conditions for maintenance and control of the wire or felt. The combined guide consists of parts included in manual and automatic guides, combined into one unit.
All guides parts are made of gray cast iron and stainless steel.

Wire guide manual and automatic

The mechanical/pneumatic edge sensor and the pneumatic circuit are part of the control system. The executing mechanism is a pneumatic regulator, which using the sensor pulses to move the driving roll. The moving edge sensor performs as a sensor for controlling the input of the compressed air into the individual pneumatic actuator of the pneumatic control system. The edge sensor deviates to the left or right from the central equilibrium position. The sensor is set in the middle equilibrium position during installation.

mechanical/pneumatic edge sensor