High pressure shower

High pressure shower with electromechanical oscillation is used for high-pressure cleaning of wires, felts, cylinder mold, perforated jackets of the suction rolls. They are installed in the wire and press sections of the paper machine.
The shower consists of a shower pipe with hard-alloyed needle nozzles, an electromechanical drive with a step-by-step motor and a high pressure flexible hose for water supply. The drive imparts a reciprocating motion to the motor. The pipe movement speed is smooth ajusted . The shower tube can rotate relative to the drive, which ensures the necessary position of the shower on the machine.
Water is supplied to the shower from the drive side through a flexible high pressure hose and ending with a lug for welding into the water supply system.
All parts of the showers are made of corrosion-resistant steel.
The recommended distance of installation of the shower nozzle from the wire (felt) should be about 100-120 mm, while the water pressure should be 25-40 kgf / cm2.
The water consumption through nozzle Ø1 mm is 2.27 l / min. at a water pressure of 30 kgf / cm2.