Press and calender rolls

The rolls are designed for dewatering and forming the paper web on paper and board machines.

Depending on the circuit design and technical data of the machines the following types of press rolls are used in the press sections:

By design:

  • a roll made of cast iron or steel pipe with pressed steel journal and additionally fastened with bolts.
  • a roll made of cast iron pipe with pressed cast iron core shaft where is inserted a steel journal. The core shafts are additionally bolted to the pipe.

 By the appearance of the outer working surface:

  • smooth;
  • grooved;
  •  with blind holes;
  • combined (grooved with blind holes).

The outer working surface of the press rolls is coated by a rubber or other polymer material including a granite substitute (for smooth rolls). The rolls are supplied for machines with reel widths from 1680 mm up to 4200 mm and drive speed up to 800 m / min and have dia. from 400 mm (rolls with blind holes from 600 mm) up to 1075 mm(Jumbo).

It can be supplied with bearing units. The calender rolls of paper and board machines are made of alloy chilled cast iron with a flake or globular graphite for machines with reel widths from 1680 to 4200 mm and shell diameter from 250 to 550 mm. Delivery with bearing units is possible.

Press rolls
Press rolls