Tubular rolls are designed to support and adjust a tension of the fabrics ,paper web in PM ,BM ,pulp-drying machine
Depending on the purpose the ubular rolls can be of the following types: chest rolls, turning rolls, carrying rolls, guiding rolls, leads rolls, paper rolls, spreader rolls etc..
The tubular roll consists of a thin-walled steel tube with pressed the cast iron or steel trunnions. The outer work surface can be coated with copper, chrome, rubber, epoxy or other material. Bearing housings with spherical or cylindrical configuration are made of cast iron.
The rolls are supplied for machines with reel widths from 1680 mm up to 6720 mm, with drive speed up to 1000 m / min and diameter up to 550 mm. The rolls are dynamically balanced for the required speed.

Wire roll
Wire-rotating roll