The hydrofoil box is a main dewatering element of the  fourdrinier . It improves the conditions for forming the quality paper and cardboard web. It also reduces the amount of fiber and filler in a white water compared to the wire-carrying rolls. The box is a welded structure made of corrosion-resistant steel. The hydrofoil box is attached to the beams by means of columns that allow it to adjust the height of the box and reduce  the coating  wear of the foils 

The box is equipped with 5-7 plates, each 65 mm wide. The foils can be made of polyethylene(HDPE) or ceramic. They are attached to the box using T-rails. The angle of inclination of the foils to the wire ranges from 0 ° to 3 °. They are made for paper machines with reel widths from 1680 to 4200 mm.