Threading rope system

Threading rope systemprovides an automatic threading of paper tale using threading ropes from the press section through the drying section to the reel. It operates at a paper machine speed of over 200 m / min. For this purpose a groove is made on the front cover of the drying cylinder. Two endless nylon ropes Ø6-12 mm pass along it, which cover the drying cylinders in one or more groups.

We produce the threading two-rope system .It consists of a set of guide and spreader rollers with holders, a horizontal rope stretcher and a protective cover for it.

The rope stretcher is mechanical  type(tension by means weights) and pneumatic (tension by means pneumatic actuators controlled from the panel). The stretching stroke is 660 mm.

Spreader rolls and guide rolls are manufactured with a diameter of 180-220 mm. If necessary, they can be equipped with removable rotating pulleys that are attached to the covers of the dryers.