Huge experience

The company has extensive experience in the development, production, sales and service of any equipment for machines:

  • pulp and paper industry,
  • engineering industry,
  • the cement industry,
  • metallurgy, mining and metallurgical complex
  • timber industry,
  • other industries.

Unlike many manufacturers, our company develops and implements individual samples of equipment based on the growing technical requirements in modern technological processes. We offer machines and systems based on modern practices, taking into account the wishes and characteristics.

The manufactured equipment is developed using reliable mechanical and electronic components of the world’s leading manufacturers, at our own production sites.

We have our own material base – production facilities, assembly areas and warehouses. Our Company employs exclusively highly qualified personnel, these are developers of mechanical assemblies and structures, electronic equipment and software, adjusters and installers, production and service specialists, office workers.

Choosing our products, you can be sure that you have purchased a modern and unique product. We manufacture products of our own design, with unique technological solutions.

Working with us, you will find a reliable business partner!