The modernized pulper rotor was manufactured

The main purpose of using the pulper rotor is the maximum separation of waste paper into individual fibers to obtain a fibrous suspension.

High turbulence of the mass movement and the necessary shear forces created by the blades of the pulper rotor should ensure the destruction of secondary fibrous raw materials and the separation of impurity particles from the fibers. This creates friction, which promotes the separation of the waste paper into fibers.

This is one of the main stages in the processing of raw materials for a paper machine, the parameters and quality of which affect all subsequent stages.

To increase the productivity of the vertical pulper, Ugleprom has manufactured a rotor with an enlarged blade diameter of 1440 mm, the special design of which contributes to the efficient dissolution of recyclable materials.

LLC Ugleprom has extensive experience in the modernization and maintenance of industrial equipment, the main goal of which is to increase the productivity and quality of products.

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