The production of toothed racks and rack drives has been adjusted

The production of gear racks and rack gears for cranes and fiberboard production lines has been launched.
It is used to transfer rotary motion between shafts with parallel, intersecting and intersecting axes, as well as to convert rotary motion into translational motion and vice versa for highly loaded industries.

In case of emergency breakdown or natural wear of rack and pinion of any of the manufacturers, the company “Ugleprom” is ready to offer repair pairs of rack and pinion at an optimal price and while maintaining the reliability of the system as a whole.

The company “Ugleprom” produces gear racks and gears in accordance with all technological standards and promising world developments, using an individual approach. These racks are already actively used in construction, papermaking, packaging, industrial automation and many other industries.

A feature of the production gear racks is the high precision of execution, confirmed by quality control.

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