Modernization of the PM grid table

LLC “BumPack” (Lipetsk, Russian Federation) – the leader of corrugated production in the markets of Russia and the CIS. Thanks to close and long-term cooperation with OOO PTK Ugleprom, in 2021, the forming part was modernized on the paper machine.

Within the framework of the project, the assessment of the deterioration of the morally and physically obsolete equipment of the wire part of the paper machine was carried out, the design documentation was developed, the equipment was manufactured and mounted with the behavior of installation supervision and commissioning.

On the mesh part of the paper machine, the supporting metal structures have been completely replaced with new ones in stainless design, the scraper is additionally installed on the inner mesh-carrying rollers of the forming mesh, the mechanism for raising and lowering the chest roll has been radically changed and replaced. This allowed the machine to be brought to its optimum working speed.

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