Mixing device for mass pools

Our company has mastered the serial production of four paddle mixing devices driven by a geared motor.

A stirring device with a horizontally located stirrer is designed for stirring a fibrous suspension with a concentration of up to 5%. The mixing device keeps the water suspension in the pool in motion and maintains its uniform concentration. They are used for pools with complete mixing of mass from 30 to 50 m3.

The pools are made of stainless steel, and the parts for anchoring the bottom and stiffeners are made of carbon steel.

The lower part of the tank is fixed on a concrete foundation. The bottom of the pool slopes towards the bottom drain.

The agitator is a hub with four blades located on a shaft with two bearing supports and installed in a cast steel housing with a flange connection, which is connected to the welding unit in the tank. The mixing device is equipped with a double mechanical face seal and a sealing water control and regulation system.

The agitator is driven by a geared motor located in the same axis with the agitator shaft and mounted on a support made of carbon steel.

Blade material – steel casting.

All parts of the agitator that come into contact with the working medium are made of stainless steel.

Blade diameter, mm.Electric motor power, KWPool volume, м3
82015До 30
101030До 50

The equipment supplied by the company is always of high quality, efficient use and competitive prices.

We look forward to collaborating.

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